Winter dreaming

As promised on my Facebook page Deann Stein Hasinoff Art, here are some photos from my Winter Dreaming series. Winter is my favourite season. It’s the everything is dead and buried season, which means I only deal with indoor aggravators (that would be things like dust mites, not people ūüôā Ah, I make myself laugh). As a perennially cold person, it wasn’t always my favourite, and I used to spend most of my winter days trying to avoid being outside. I am an expert in thermal underwear ūüôā Now, as long as it’s not -20C or below (too much cold is also a trigger), I love to be outside.

I don’t take composed photographs when I’m out walking, rather I take a lot of shots of what I think might be interesting. It’s not until I get home and download everything that I see whether I have anything good. To me a good photograph is one with multiple possibilities to transform it into an abstract image. When I flip an image to black and white and immediately see several different compositions, I get excited.

The weather is finally holding steady in the 0C to -5C range. Much nicer than the -20C we were experiencing, and I look forward to many more walks and winter dreaming.


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