Subjects in Art or The Dark Side

Subjects in Art or The Dark Side

I read an article a while ago describing an art exhibition.  The curator chose artists who looked within for their inspiration and those who looked to the outside world.  While I never thought about it before, I realized I look within for my subjects in art.

Many of the subjects in my art are dark – I think about illnesses like dementia or chronic illness, loss, depression, anxiety, self-doubt… These are all part of life.  While we tend not to want to dwell on illnesses or darker emotions, they are there. I feel a sense of relief when I read something or see a piece of art by someone who experienced these things because I think I am not alone. I am not the only one.  Through art we can connect in many ways.

Featured piece: Hollow, 2012

I created Hollow as part of a series on dementia from the perspective of the caregiver.  In my mind it can mean many things.  The sense of hollowness experienced by the person watching their loved one struggle with dementia.  The physical person remaining while the elements inside them connecting them to the outside world are slipping away.

Not everything in life is sunshine and rainbows and I think art should reflect that as well.

Image: Hollow, 2012 charcoal on paper ©Deann Stein Hasinoff


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