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Top tip or advice: framing and hanging

Frames: The best frames I have found if you want to have the option of changing your artwork are Opus Exhibition frames. They are sturdier than what you can find at your local Scandinavian store and the fasteners at the back allow you to easily switch out your artwork. The mail order versions now only come with plexiglass so you do not have to worry about breakage. You do, however, require special cloths and cleaner if you plan to clean the plexiglass. DO NOT use paper towel or regular glass cleaner on plastic or plexiglass. These items can also be purchased through Opus.

Wiring frames: I was never very good at wiring a frame for hanging, then I watched a few YouTube videos. Here is a good one. Note not all frames can be wired, as the D-rings on the back are not made to hold the weight of the frame from a centre point. You want a ring that looks like this. If the D-rings are triangular shaped, and you cannot see the ends, I would not wire them as in my experience they will fail. Instead use two picture hangers (see below for video on hanging with D-hooks only). Coated wire saves your fingers or just put on a pair of gloves that offer some grip. I use gardening gloves.

How high to hang your art? Gallery height is between 147-150 cm, which is considered eye level (i.e. the centre of the art will be at eye level). To hang your art, measure the length of your frame, and divide by 2. Pull the picture wire on the back of the frame as if it were hanging on the wall, and measure the tightened wire point to the top of the frame (tight wire measurement). Subtract the tight wire measurement from the 1/2 frame measurement. This is your “from the hook” amount. Add this to 147 cm. Then you use your tape measure to measure from the floor to that point, and that’s where you put your nail. If you are using a picture hook, you will will want the hook to sit at this point, not the nail, so keep that in mind. Write the measurement on the back of the frame, so you only have to figure it out once.

So, if your frame is 60 cm long, it would look like this:

60/2 = 30 – 3 (tight wire measurement) = 27 + 147 = 174 cm (measure from floor)

©Deann Stein Hasinoff

Hanging a group: If you are hanging a group of pictures, choose one as the centre, hang it at eye level and then hang all the other ones around it.

Hanging in a row: If you are hanging them in a row, make sure your picture wire “from the hook” is exactly the same for all of your frames (e.g. all tight wire measurements are 5 cm). This will save you a lot of hassle when hanging.

D-rings only: If you are not using wire and are just using the D-rings, here is a handy video. Large pieces of art are usually hung with two D-rings instead of wire because of their weight.

Not sure? You can always consult with a local framer or the framing department at a craft store. Just make sure the person you talk to actually does framing.

©Deann Stein Hasinoff

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