Landscapes or peace of mind

This week started well but ended with a thud. I discovered someone I love was struggling more than I realized, and my worry gene has kicked into high gear. As has my “do something” gene. I am hoping things will resolve with a positive outcome, but in the meantime I am living with higher levels of stress and worry (i.e. here comes the anxiety).

In moments like these, I absolutely believe in the power of nature to calm and centre us. More times than can be counted I head out for a walk with my head full of my latest laundry list of worries, and find the weight lifting from my shoulders as I head deeper into the trees. The quiet, the birds, the sound of my steps on the path are a balm. An artist who was also restored by being in nature is Andrew Wyeth (July 12, 1917 – January 16, 2009). His landscapes in tempera in particular are what I am drawn to. I have spent many a happy afternoon looking through books of his art (check your local library, books are better than looking at them online).

Before I moved to abstraction and then to drawing, I painted landscapes. My work with photography has lead me to rediscover this subject. These photographs are also another way to find that quiet place if I can’t get into nature. Today I thought I would share a couple with you. I hope you have a quiet place in the fields, trees, hills or mountains that helps restore you and sets you back on the right path.


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