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Making time for art

Making time for art was challenging over the past month. Wrapping up summer activities, getting started with fall ones, it seemed there was not enough time. However, we all know that’s not true. Time was taken up fretting about various things and getting stuck back in old ruts. To bust out of my ruts I picked up Your Inner Critic is a Big Jerk. And Other Truths About Being Creative. by Danielle Krysa at my local library (Danielle Krysa is also the author of The Jealous Curator, a blog I like to follow). A few chapters in and I was feeling inspired to get off my bum and make time to be creative.

It was a beautiful sunny day in my part of the world today (a rarity this month, which has seen more snow than I remember for September in a very long while). On the trail I could actually hear the leaves falling off the trees. So my entreaty to you is to go find somewhere where you can hear the leaves falling, let yourself settle in to the sounds of the woods and just enjoy.

Here is some work inspired by my walk.



Image: ©Deann Stein Hasinoff Faerie fireworks 2018


Fashion choices and work

Fashion choices for work for me involve old jeans or really old jeans? Mask or no mask?

The past few weeks I have been working on getting ready for my solo show that starts September 30th. The work this week involves framing the 30 some pieces that will be in the show. Being severely chemically sensitive, as well as having environmental sensitivities and allergies means it’s time to bust out the mask. I have a love/hate relationship with my mask – it allows me to do things that I otherwise could not do for a short period of time, but it also gifts me with a fantastic “mask face” (indents left behind by the mask which take forever to go away), and often a really good headache if I have to wear it for a prolonged period. Being a woman, it is also hard to find masks that fit my face (forget the hardware store variety). If you’re in the market, I suggest Lee Valley as they have two types of disposable sized masks and samples in store you can try on.

Earlier in the month while finishing up a piece, I made the decision to add a bit of charcoal. There is probably a way I could have done it digitally with photoshop, but it would have taken me an hour or so if I was lucky. I took some extra medication, got out the mask and went outside to do the 5 minute job of adding some additional shadow to the piece. I didn’t wear gloves, which I should have, and the attempt highlighted for me that I need to sit down and figure this type of task out digitally. 🙁 I do miss the tactile nature of working with art materials on paper. This work is about knowledge and I am still figuring out the title, so I shall leave you in suspense for the moment. Come check out my show and see it live, with enormous special effects! (kidding – more like “In a frame! On a wall!”)

The snapshots this week are an exciting array of my life as an artist. Now back to fashion. Glasses or no glasses? (Although really that’s becoming more of a necessity and less of a choice these days. 🙂 )


Ten Voices 2017 – Calgary

On August 31st I had the pleasure of attending the Calgary opening of Visual Arts Alberta/CARFAC’s Ten Voices 2017 show. There was an interesting mix of subject matter, style and methods in the show. Having multiple pieces from each artist also helped give a broader sense of the artists’ work.

Ten Voices 2017 will be up at the Southern Jubilee Auditorium until October 16th. The ​Alcove Gallery is open during preshow and intermission during Jubilee performances. Additional viewing hours are Monday to Friday 8:30 am until 4:30 pm​.

I am looking forward to when the show comes to Edmonton in October. The opening reception will be Thursday, October 19th, 7-9 pm.


Summer update: preparing for art shows or art world glamour

This summer, in between weeding my flower beds, folk festing, spending time with family and watching the eclipse, I prepared for two art shows. My solo graduating show, and Ten Voices 2017. Getting prints made, many edits to my artist statement, learning about framing, designing business cards and a postcard kept me busy. I learned lots of new things and found new resources to help me along the way. The Practical Art World posts content about all things art world, from how to label work for an exhibition, to art business information and more. It’s worth checking out.

I also spent time learning how to properly pack art to ship, for the Ten Voices 2017 show curated by Visual Arts Alberta/CARFAC. My spare room looked like a packing bomb had gone off for about a week. I learned box size is important, you use about twice as much bubble wrap and way more packing tape than you think you will, and a carton packing tape dispenser is your friend. In the end the pieces all arrived safely and intact to the Southern Jubilee Auditorium in Calgary. I had the pleasure of attending the opening reception in Calgary and I will post photos soon!