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What’s new? New work or getting outside

What’s new?  What are you working on?  Is something I’ve heard over the past couple of months.  Here is some new work and an update.

It’s been a challenging winter to get outside to get new photos. We’ve had many severe cold snaps here (below -25C), which is too cold for me and my iPhone (the colder the weather the unhappier it gets). Here is some new work from some trips I did make into the river valley. Looking forward to getting outside more now that we’re in the bumper winter/spring season…. Sprinter? Wring? Whatever it is, it brings warmer temperatures while not being quite warm enough to melt the snow. It’s a lovely time.

Besides being under the weather in January and February, other things that kept me busy were my art show at the ArtPoint Gallery in Calgary, and I devoted time to writing this blog post about using applications to make art. If you get the opportunity to visit ArtPoint, do! It’s an inspiring space full of artist studios, with member artwork in the hallways and four gallery spaces to check out.

You can see more of my winter work in the following posts: Winter dreaming, Winter thaw and Sometimes what you see is what you get. Or browse my blog 🙂

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image:©Deann Stein Hasinoff Mountain dreaming 2017