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Winter thaw

Where I live we are experiencing a winter thaw. It’s not officially winter yet, but this season in particular has no regard for the calendar, and we’ve been enjoying winter for a while now. Here are some new photos from my weekend. The last photograph I kept in colour, as it captured a lovely bit of winter blue sky as a bit of rain and snow rolled through. I hope you are staying warm and embracing the season.

Image: ©Deann Stein Hasinoff Come together, come apart 2017, photograph


Sometimes what you see is what you get

Sometimes what you see is what you get… a real, honest to goodness landscape photo. While I am primarily an abstract artist, there are times when I find it difficult to abstract an image. That is the challenge with working from something tangible, that I can see, versus what I generate from my brain. With certain photos, I just like them as they are and I find it difficult to separate from that. Here are a few from my walk this weekend, with one abstract thrown in for good measure. It’s a beautiful, sunny day today. I hope you get outside to enjoy the outdoors wherever you are.


Winter dreaming

As promised on my Facebook page Deann Stein Hasinoff Art, here are some photos from my Winter Dreaming series. Winter is my favourite season. It’s the everything is dead and buried season, which means I only deal with indoor aggravators (that would be things like dust mites, not people 🙂 Ah, I make myself laugh). As a perennially cold person, it wasn’t always my favourite, and I used to spend most of my winter days trying to avoid being outside. I am an expert in thermal underwear 🙂 Now, as long as it’s not -20C or below (too much cold is also a trigger), I love to be outside.

I don’t take composed photographs when I’m out walking, rather I take a lot of shots of what I think might be interesting. It’s not until I get home and download everything that I see whether I have anything good. To me a good photograph is one with multiple possibilities to transform it into an abstract image. When I flip an image to black and white and immediately see several different compositions, I get excited.

The weather is finally holding steady in the 0C to -5C range. Much nicer than the -20C we were experiencing, and I look forward to many more walks and winter dreaming.