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Catching smoke

Virtual guest book

Harcourt House Artist Run Centre 

Art Incubator Gallery August 21st – October 3rd, 2020

3rd Floor, 10215 – 112 Street Edmonton, Alberta


Thank you for visiting the exhibition! 

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Thank you to the following people and dogs: 

Jacek Malek and Harcourt House for this opportunity to exhibit my work.  

Darren Kooyman and Wendy for their assistance and expertise in setting up the show.

My husband for being my partner and friend, and walking this path in life with me (even though it isn’t exactly how we saw it rolling out).  The rock under my feet in what can at times feel like sea of sand.* 

My children for always being supportive of what I do.  You are amazingly creative each in your own unique way.  

Mr. M for being my studio assistant/shadow/occasional materials taste tester.  

My parents and sisters for taking the changes in my life path in stride and being there for me no matter what.  

My extended family for their encouragement and support.  

My friends for being great friends.  Us people with anxiety need people like you.  

My fellow artists and mentors for their feedback, willingness to listen to me complain about app changes, and obsess about all things art-making related.  Special mention to Kim Blair who put me on the path of digital applications when I thought I would have to give up art altogether, and for our recent talk which has sparked many ideas! 

Mark at The Big Pixel for his printing expertise over the years and Lula, and Libby for always being happy to see me. (With fond remembrance of Leonard.)  

Dale at Pagemaster Printing, who exudes calm, for helping me navigate printing on a new material.  


*It’s a good thing to have all the props pulled out from under us occasionally. It gives us some sense of what is rock under our feet and what is sand.

Madeleine L’Engle



Catching smoke

Catching smoke will be presented in the Art Incubator Gallery at Harcourt House Artist Run Centre from August 21st to October 3rd.  I’m excited to say the gallery spaces will be re-opening, so you can see this work live (respecting all COVID-19 guidelines of course).  There will not be an opening reception, but grab your mask, come visit, and enjoy my show and Jill Ho-You’s exhibition Latent Monuments

Click on the links for more information. 🙂 

Getting ready for the show.

Weighted wings

In my last post I wrote that I would show you the art piece that  led me to make my DIY image tracer.  Weighted wings is part of an ongoing series I am working on about anxiety and may be part of my show Catching smoke, coming in late summer to Harcourt House’s Art Incubator Gallery.  In working on my series All exits look the same, which is about developing and living with chronic illness, I found art to be a therapy of sorts.  Helping me process what was going on in my life and come to a place of acceptance. 

Just prior to becoming ill seven years ago, I was working on some abstract drawings about anxiety, having always lived with it to varying degrees.  Life happened and the idea was put aside.  Two years ago I decided to refocus my artist’s lens on the topic.  I also wanted to begin to incorporate text into some of my work, as words for me are a powerful impetus in creating, and important in telling the story of a piece.

Weighted wings is a piece about how the words, the noise in your head can hold you down, keep you from living the life you want to lead.  As I was figuring out the words, I wrote a lot over several months trying to get a better sense of what triggers my anxiety.  What I found was in doing this and in reading books about being present (thank you to Pema Chödrön) I began to develop strategies to quiet my mind.  Imagine writing down all your worries and anxieties and then just walking away from them.  They are immobilized on paper and you are free to leave them there.  It’s not quite as simple as that, but it’s definitely a start.